Herring Skinning Machine

This machine, which is manually operated, has been especially designed for delicate herring products. It is mobile on rollers and thus independent of a permanently installed workplace. Skinning is made almost without any losses, and the silver film is retained, a quality typical for BAADER.

The butterfly fillets are loaded by hand on the conveyor belt, guided in a centered manner towards the skin-carrying drum while being spread. When fed around the drum, the fillets are skinned by means of a scraping tool during which operation the dorsal fat layer as well as the dorsal fin including the radiate extensions are removed as well.

Optionally, a piece cutter can be used, the rollers of which are fitted with blades and synchronized with the skinning drum. The size of the pieces is determined by the spacing of the roller blades. Rollers for pieces of 15-20-24-26-30-33-36 and 40 mm are available.

Most of the parts of the BAADER 66 are made of stainless materials, such as stainless steel and food-safe plastics. As skinning unit (BAADER 56) in conjunction with filleting machines, it has been time tested during continuous operation. Good accessibility to all functional areas for ease of maintenance and cleaning.