Fish Skinning Machine

The BAADER 52 operates both as normal skinning machine according to the time-tested peeling procedure which retains the silver film on the fillet, and as deep-skinning machine BAADER 52DS which removes the skin together with the fatty layer between the skin and the muscular tissue by means of an oscillating blade; the thickness of cut is adjustable. This method is e.g. used for salmon, redfish, whitefish etc.

The operative range covers all sizes of whitefish and redfish. Led between a fixed special knife and the skin carrying roller the skin is firmly seized and removed in such a manner that the silver film is retained on the fillet. When processing small fillets, the favourable working width of 400 mm allows multipassage skinning. Apart from its great reliability in operation, BAADER 52 features extreme quiet running.
BAADER 52 is of robust construction for long continuous operation. The highly precise shaft bearing guarantees permanent high product quality.
For ease of maintenance, the machine is equipped with a centralized lubrication and allows good accessibility to all functional areas. Beyond this, rollers and knives can be easily installed and dismantled. The safety for the operator is increased by safety switches arranged on protective gratings and coverings.
The BAADER 52 DS can be converted into a standard skinning machine. The oscillating knife can be simply replaced by a fixed knife.