Heading Machine for Small Whitefish

The system receives gutted fish, head on, out of boxes or containers. The boxes may contain different amounts of ice. The boxes will be unloaded into the hopper of the BAADER 408 (pos.3) The hopper holds up to 1m³ fish as well as water allowing a separation of fish and ice. The conveyor transports the fish out of the hopper, leaving the ice in the water. The ice floats with the excess water out of the hopper into the drain. A check weigher can be added to the system to take out pre-specified size fish per filleting machine, allowing exact specific adjustments. The fish is dropped onto the receiving hopper of the BAADER 408 heading machine.

After cutting off the head, the body is dropped onto the conveyor belt (pos. 4) and is transported to the filleting machine BAADER 208 or the like. The operator of the first BAADER 208 has a foot switch to open and close the gate of the conveyor (pos.4) to feed fish into his receiving hopper. The second BAADER 208 will get the rest of the headed fish. The heads chute into a standard container.

The BAADER 408 operator controls that the filleting machine(s) has/have adequate fish in order to avoid overflow.