Salmon Gutting Machine

The fish to be processed is loaded manually or in combination with an Auto Feeding System for up to 8 lines with 4 operators. A powerful tail clamp guarantees a gentle transport of the fish. The cut positions are electronically measured for each fish. Constant speed and continuous processing of the fish fed through the machine. Perfect mechanical princess cut combined suction devices and throat cutting tools collect and take in the guts.

The main bone is nearly free from any black bloodstains originating from the kidneys. Visual inspection for cleanless as well as possible rinsing of the product are possible directly at the discharge end of the machine.

All units which are required for the operation of the BAADER 142, such as vacuum pump, cyclone and inspection belts, are available from BAADER as well. To ensure always optimal cuts it is necessary to have optimally sharpened knives. BAADER 64 Knife Sharpening Machine is especially designed for that purpose