Whitefish Filleting Machine

The BAADER 192 is a filleting machine for whitefish, such as Cod, Alaska Pollack and Saithe within a working range from Approx. 40/45 to 70cm. Heading, gutting and filleting of each fish is performed individually after the size of the fish has been electronically determined in the loading area. An additional advantage is that the extracted roe is almost undamaged. The heading section of this machine can also be supplied as  a separate heading, gutting and roe recovery unit.

The heading section of the BAADER 192 is equipped with a fish feeding device. From the feeding device the fish can easily be loaded into the transport trays of the heading section. After the fish has been correctly arranged, it is electromechanically measured and automatically pushed into the correct position for heading. A pair of heading knives removes the head by performing a V-cut. Subsequently, a roe carrousel extracts the roe and other belly contents from the fish. Then after, the fish is transferred to the filleting section. The transfer is made in accordance with the size of the fish in an electronically timed manner. The cuts which are electronically controlled by the computer, can be adapted via selector switches to the corresponding fish structure and to the desired appearance of the product. It is possible to transfer the fillets to a skinner BAADER 52. The considerably higher yield of this machine in comparison with its predecessors is, among others, achieved by means of an innovative cutting system arranged in way of the back of the fish. It is also electronically controlled and performs the individual cuts in accordance with the fish size. The improved and exactly timed transfer as well as an optimized program control are other measures which contribute to the increase of the yield.

The heading section of the machine can be used as a self-contained production unit for heading and gutting (h&g products); its designation is BAADER 192 HR.