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Hopper Scales

Automatically weigh products
Hopper Scales Automatically weigh products

Hopper Scales

Hopper Scales Description

Hopper Scales are a simple and reliable way to automatically weigh a flow of products into batches for further packing or data utilization. All our scales are designed for wet and rough food processing environment.

Large Hopper Scale model

This hopper is mainly applied for weighing large products such as whole fish, but can also be used for weighing large batches of product remains.

The hopper is emptied by opening the side gate. The shape of the hopper makes the product slide out easily and product handling is gentle.

Small Hopper Scale model

This hopper is applied for weighing a continuous flow of smaller products, eg. fish heads, or small batches of product remains. Combined with our Production Management Software, the hopper is ideal for yield monitoring.

The hopper is emptied by opening the side gate and letting the product gently slide out.

Double Chamber Hopper Scale model

This two-chamber hopper scale is designed to weigh fish heads and bodies after the BA 434 heading machine. First both heads and bodies of a specified number of fish are weighed, then the hopper bin containing bodies is emptied and a new weighing is undertaken in order to specify the weight of the head-load. The data is used for yield measuring

For gentle handling of the bodies, the bin is emptied by opening the side gate and sliding the product out.

Dual outlet Hopper Scale model

This one-chamber hopper scale has two outlet flaps for easy and fast emptying or for emptying to one of two different sides (by opening one flap at a time and delivering to one of two underlying conveyors). Ideal for handling batches for further packing.

Hopper Scales - Customer Benefits

Key features:

  • Simple and robust construction - easy to maintain
  • Production automation - no manual product handling
  • High level of stability in weighing cycle
  • Digital load cell
  • High overload protection
  • Small financial cost, high return on investment
  • Continuous flow of weighing input - facilitate decision making
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