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Gravisep CPI

Nijhuis Gravity Separator
Gravisep CPI Nijhuis Gravity Separator

Gravisep CPI

Gravisep CPI Description

For removal of free oils in the petrochemical industry Nijhuis Water Technology has developed a CPI system (corrugated plate interceptor).

  • Removal of free separable oils
  • Removal of some sediment

Gravisep CPI - Customer Benefits

  • Different configurations possible
  • System principle according to stokes law
  • Standard choice of materials
  • Special materials available on request
  • Internals for concrete basin

Gravisep CPI - Technical Data

Depending on the capacity and the required removal efficiency (based on droplet size) we will design the most suitable configuration.

The configuration of a CPI oil water separator is based on one or more trains. Each train will contain a number of bays and each bay will be equipped with a number of PPA plate packs. The CPI unit is equipped with a corrugated plate pack (PPA) to increases the separation area. This results in an increased removal efficiency for the smaller oil drops.

In a CPI the liquid flows into the inlet channel. A flow distribution baffle will equalize the flow over the entrance to the PPA plate packs.

The floating oils are moved by a movable oil collection through (skim pipe), from where it flows to an oil collection sump.

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