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Dynamic Weighing

Complete Weighing Solution
Dynamic Weighing Complete Weighing Solution

Dynamic Weighing

Dynamic Weighing Description

In today's world of automation there is a need for complete solutions for a wide range of weighing requirements:

  • Batching Processes
  • Product distribution for further processing
  • Yield Control
  • Performance monitoring

Weighing and controlling is one of the most common procedures in process automation and BAADER offers both standard and custom models to meet customer's requirements.

Innovative Weighing Principle

The key element in any grading system built for the food industry is the dynamic weighing unit. High performance and minimized give-away are ensured by our unique batching and auto tare principle compensating for sticky parts on the conveyor belt during production.

Robust but sensitive

Dynamic Weighing Control Unit

The weighing unit is delivered with our LF 500 control unit mounted on the machine which makes it easy to operate the machine directly. The 12" terminal with keyboard is very user friendly and easy to operate - including waering gloves. During production important information is visualized on the terminal directly on shop-floor.

Dynamic Weighing - Customer Benefits

Our dynamic weighing units are designed for harsh process environment and suitable for sanitary food processes.

  • High speed, high accuracy
  • Hygienic construction, easy wash down
  • Digital load cell
  • High resistance overload protection
  • Guarantee for high reliability
  • Easy calibration procedures
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