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Baader IS069

Fish Descaling Machine
Baader IS069 Fish Descaling Machine

Baader IS069

Baader IS069 Description

The Baader IS069 is fish descaling machine designed for installation on or offshore. It can process haddock, ocean perch, tilapia and other similar species. Because of its four descaling spindles, two above and two below the fish it is capable of descaling fish of various shapes, weights and sizes cleanly and efficiently.

The fish are loaded head first onto the feeding belt. The belt than takes the fish through the Baader IS 069's descaling spindles. These spindles quickly remove all the scales from the fish, with minimal friction, and no damage caused. Depending on the size, this machine can process up to 100 fish per minute, making it one of the fattest in its class.

Baader IS069 - Technical Data

  • Working Range:
  • Working Range Tilapia:
  • Throughput rate:
  • Fish thickness:
  • Fish height:
  • 0.4 - 3 kg
  • 0.4 - 1.5 kg
  • 30 to 100 fish according to size
  • max 70 mm
  • max 200 mm

For large Haddock 1-8 kg, IS692 is suitable

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