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Baader IS033

Whitefish Heading Machine
Baader IS033 Whitefish Heading Machine

Baader IS033

Baader IS033 Description

The Baader IS033 is possibly the most operator friendly heading machine on the market. It heads cod, saithe and other white fish at a rate of up to 30 per minute. This compact machine is a fine example of Baader's pared down approach, where simplification is the guiding principal. This approach means that there are fewer moving parts, less maintenance and less investment required.

Heading is achieved in the Baader IS033 as throat cut fish are fed into the machines cutting area. The fish are gripped, head first by the machines pincers. The head is then removed in a way that returns the highest yield. The main body of the fish, with collarbone on is discharged to the front of the machine, while the head is removed from a side chute.

The key to this machines success is its simplicity. By removing all unnecessary steps in the process, Baader have created a machine that will deliver consistent long term results. Given the right working conditions this machine can pay for itself after just a year in operation.

Baader IS033 - Customer Benefits

  • Depending on shift time, working days and capacity the pay back time can be less than one year
  • Maximum yield Easy handling and cleanup
  • No size adjustment necessary

Baader IS033 - Technical Data

  • Throughput rate:
  • Working range:
  • Operator:
  • up to 30 fish/min
  • 1-13 kg
  • 1 person
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