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Baader Fillet Sizer

Grading System
Baader Fillet Sizer Grading System

Baader Fillet Sizer

Baader Fillet Sizer Description

Consistent and reliable packing throughput is the key word for this double-idle grading system. Using this efficient Fillet Sizer ensures a fully automated filleting line and packing that lives up to end-customers most demanding requirements.

Focus is on gentle product handling as the fresh fillet is a way too valuable product to compromise on quality and yield. Product damage is minimized by gentle pull off drop-point and chutes that gently slide the fillets to the packing station.

The Fillet Sizer delivers the fillets to the packing stations where boxes are packed according to pre-defined criteria: product weight, numbers, quality (e.g. melanin spots).

Two options can be applied regarding labeling:

  • Static weighing of boxes
  • Legal weighing on packing station and direct labeling

The Fillet Sizer is supported by the intelligent software system. The software provides real-time monitoring and control throughout the complete filleting process.

Baader Fillet Sizer - Customer Benefits

  • Auto direct products for the correct pack
  • Fully automated fillet line, reduced manual handling
  • High speed, reliable grading
  • Possibility of direct labeling on the boxes when packing
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