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Baader CS 604

Crab Shell Barnacle Removing Machine
Baader CS 604 Crab Shell Barnacle Removing Machine

Baader CS 604

Baader CS 604 Description

The Baader CS 604 is a barnacle removing machine for cleaning crab shells. This machine tackles the problem of manual barnacle removal head on. Through an advanced percussion system, the CS 604 cleanly and efficiently removes all barnacles with no damage to the crab shell.

As the process of manual barnacle removal is hugely time consuming, this machine can drastically reduce cleaning related costs. With just a single operator, this machine can output 300 kg of clean crab per hour. The reduction in man-hours, in conjunction with the improved appearance of the crab means a significantly increased return on each unit.

Baader CS 604 - Customer Benefits

  • Removes Barnacles and Tubeworms from Raw Crab Shell Sections
  • Standard Configuration - up to 96% Removal at a Throughput of 600 lb/h, 1 person
  • Optional Configuration - up to 92% Removal at a Throughput of 900 lg/h, 2 people

Baader CS 604 - Technical Data

  • Throughput rate:
  • 200 to 300 kg/h
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