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Baader CB 801

Crab Butchering Machine
Baader CB 801 Crab Butchering Machine

Baader CB 801

Baader CB 801 Description

The CB 801 is one of the first machines to use Baader's new crab butchering technology. This machine can clean and butcher a whole crab in just three seconds. The butchering process is based around Baader's patented yield retention system. This system will return a yield that is 2% higher than manual processing.

The process involves live crab being manually loaded in to the Baader CB 801's saddle. Here they are washed, stripped of carapace, gilled, sectioned and discharged. The whole process is quick, humane and efficient, and delivers the highest yield possible.

Baader CB 801 - Customer Benefits

  • 2% Yield over manual butchering
  • Less than 4% breakage

Baader CB 801 - Technical Data

  • Throughput rate:
  • up to 20 crab per minute / 1 person
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