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Baader 66

Herring Skinning Machine
Baader 66 Herring Skinning Machine

Baader 66

Baader 66 Description

The Baader 66 is a skinning machine designed to process herring, and other similar fish. The machine is gentle enough to skin pickled herring, herb herring, mackerel and Pacific saury with ease. It's compact size and wheeled legs mean that the Baader 66 does not require fixed floor space.

With the assistance of a skilled operator the Baader 66 can process up to 60 fish per minute. The skinning process is carried out in an extremely gentle manner with next to no waste. This machine can also be fitted with a piece cutter. This cutter can slice the fillet from side to side while it travels head first through the machine.

Baader 66 - Customer Benefits

  • Easy operation
  • High Yield
  • High Quality of the fillets (silver mirror)
  • When using the piece cutter you have two steps in one machine
  • Quick replacing of the piece cutter
  • Machine is portable
  • Easy to clean and maintenance

Baader 66 - Technical Data

  • Operator Requirements:
  • Throughput rate:
  • Power consumption:
  • Water consumption:
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • 1 or 2 persons
  • Up to 60 single fillets per minute (operator dependent)
  • 0.75kW
  • abt. 3l/Min
  • Abt. 2.50x1.04x1.40 m
  • abt. 490 Kg net, 585 Kg gross
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