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Baader 605

Advanced Separator Machine
Baader 605 Advanced Separator Machine

Baader 605

Baader 605 Description

The Baader 605 is one of Baader's more advanced soft separator machines. The machine allows the removal of meat from pre-filleted fish, and in doing so allows access to a stream of revenue that is otherwise lost. It achieves this while also maintaining the quality of the meat, and ensuring that unnecessary waste is a thing of the past.

This machine, like the Baader 607, was engineered with a strong emphasis on durability. The belt and drum extraction process, which is synonymous with Baader, is augmented in these machines by means of a squeezing belt support system. Essentially a secondary belt travels beneath the primary belt to ensure an even application of pressure. This results in a vastly increased belt life, less maintenance and a greater output of product.

Baader 605 - Customer Benefits

  • Substantially higher belt lifetime - extended lifetime of belts - reduced cost of ownership
  • Reduced load in the machine system - less load on the machine - gentler product handling - extended machine lifetime
  • Lowest product losses - higher yield - improved hygiene at the work place - less cleaning effort
  • Lower temperature increase in the end product - improved product quality - longer product shelf life
  • Less loose parts - less cleaning effort - less spare parts consumption
  • Improved product in-feed - reliable machine function - more gentle p
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