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Baader 604

Seperator Machine
Baader 604 Seperator Machine

Baader 604

Baader 604 Description

The Baader 604, or The Compact Machine, is nothing short of a revolution in soft separator technology. This machine is the sum of decades of industry knowledge, and was designed with both the industry at large, and the individual operator in mind. Its compact design means it will deliver the highest throughput rates on smallest space.

The stand out quality of this machine is the level of customisation available. The Baader 604 can seamlessly connect to any production line. For example, the machine can be fed through; a side feed tray, a feeding hopper or a fixed conveyor. It can also be fitted with a tamping device and be connected to a grinder. With all of these options available the Baader 604 will fit snugly into any production system and deliver quality results.

This little machine is the star of Baader's fleet, and will the star of any production system it is applied to.

Baader 604 - Customer Benefits

  • Newest design and functionality for medium-sized and industry businesses
  • Highest throughput rates on smallest space
  • Product feeding always from the rights side for better product handling
  • Open design and less loose parts for improved cleaning
  • With standard belt support or chain support system
  • Touchpanel as standard equipment
  • Robust construction and bilateral reinforced bearing
  • Reinforced drive system
  • Hygiene stainless steel compact construction
  • User friendly handling
  • Meets the newest sanitation and safety standards
  • Ergonomically designed
  • optional electrohydraulic pressure adjustment of sqeezing belt or
  • mechanical pressure adjustment
  • Following variations available:
  • Side feed tray
  • Feeding hopper
  • Fixed side feed conveyor
  • Tamping device
  • Feeding System
  • Connection to Grinder

Baader 604 - Technical Data

  • Operator:
  • Power:
  • Weight (net):
  • Hole Diameter:
  • 1 person
  • 7.5kW
  • 1,200Kg
  • : 1.3;2;3;5;8 mm
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