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Baader 601

Seperator Machine
Baader 601 Seperator Machine

Baader 601

Baader 601 Description

The Baader 601 is a soft separator machine for removing quality meat from pre-filleted fish. Soft separator machines can be extremely profitable as they can create a stream of revenue from products that may have otherwise remained unprocessed. The merits of this machine lay in the optimisation available to the operator.

The Baader 601 separates meat from pre-filleted fish by feeding the fish under a specially designed drum. The drum's holes allow only the best quality meat to be collected for further processing. The process reduces man-hours as it is guided by a dry running sensor; this controls product flow and reduces blockages. Also, the self feeding mechanism eliminates the need for a constant human presence at the machine.

The Baader 601 will not only get the job done in terms of reducing waste and increasing profits, it frees up the operators time and enables them to be engaged in more productive tasks.

Baader 601 Options

  • dry running sensor to control product flow
  • top or side feeding
  • pre-condition unit
  • automatic feeding
  • infeed resp. waste conveyors
  • castors for easy handling of machine
  • NEW - pivoting front door for easy access

Baader 601 - Customer Benefits

  • highest end product quality
  • reduced labour costs
  • highly efficient with minimal space requirements
  • user-friendly
  • easy and time saving cleaning
  • sanitary standards recognised world-wide
  • gentle product processing
  • reduced machine wear
  • USDA approved and CE labelled
  • ergonomic machine system
  • castors for easy handling of machine

Baader 601 - Technical Data

  • operator requirements:
  • drum hole diameter:
  • 27 - 52 cm (depending on species)
  • : 1.3; 2; 3 ;5; 8 mm (other dimensions upon request)

The throughput values vary extremely in dependence of the hole size in the perforated dum, the type of feeding, the product and its pre-treatment (e.g. degree of pre-grinding), the feeding temperature, the selected pressure etc. The values for each application have to be determined individually between the customer of the machine and the supplier.

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