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Baader 580

Filleting machine for whitefish
Baader 580 Filleting machine for whitefish

Baader 580

Baader 580 Description

The Baader 580 is a versatile filleting machine for whitefish. It can fillet headed and gutted fish, at rate of 36 fish per minute. The machine is adaptable enough to fillet most types of whitefish and catfish. It consistently performs quality, precision cuts by means of a 3-piece cut.

The fish are carried from Baader 580's blades by means of a saddle transport system. The cut is carried out to leave the fillet attached to the flank-bone, ensuring the fillet travels with a solid support. By employing this system, the Baader 580 avoids using pincers or any other means that may blemish the fillet.

This machine will not only consistently output the finest quality fillets, but it will do so whilst minimising labour costs and maximising profits.

Baader 580 - Customer Benefits

  • Fillets without gaping
  • performs a 3-piececut
  • Filet stays connected to the flank bone till it is cut off by hand

Baader 580 - Technical Data

  • Working range: approx. 0.6 - 3kg
  • Throughput: up to 36 fish/min
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