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Baader 56

Used Herring Skinning Machine

Baader 56 Description

The machines have never skinned a fish so they are in as new condition. Year of manufacture is 2012 and available for immediate sale.

The 2nd Hand Baader 56 is a herring skinning machine, designed to run in conjunction with herring filleting machines. The machine can skin butterfly filleted herring at a rate of 300 per minute. The skinning process carefully removes the undesirable fatty layer from the exterior of the fish, while leaving the silver, mirror like surface attached. This is carried out in a in an extremely delicate movement and leaves the fillet completely undamaged.

In addition to its skinning capabilities, the Baader 56 can be attached with an optional piece cutter. This cutter, when enabled, will make horizontal cuts in the fillet as it travels vertically through the machine. Having this option available to the operator can vastly reduce labour hours, and eliminate the need for additional machines or cutting tables.

As with other Baader machines, the 56 proves that simplicity is the best approach to machine engineering. It will deliver a consistent final product, with the highest return for the least amount of investment.

Baader 56 - Customer Benefits

  • BAADER 56 is mounted directly on herring filleting machines
  • Only the skin is removed, leaving the silver mirror on the fillet
  • BAADER 56 can be equipped with a piece cutter
  • The piece cutter can easily be put out of operation, if required

Baader 56 - Technical Data

  • Operator Requirements:
  • Throughput rate:
  • Power consumption:
  • Water consumption:
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • 1 or 2 persons
  • Up to 60 single fillets per minute (operator dependent)
  • 0.75kW
  • abt. 3l/Min
  • Abt. 2.50x1.04x1.40 m
  • abt. 490 Kg net, 585 Kg gross
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