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Baader 54

Fish skinning for alaskan pollack and salmon
Baader 54 Fish skinning for alaskan pollack and salmon

Baader 54

Baader 54 Description

The Baader 54 is new direction in fish skinning machines. It has been specifically designed to process Alaska pollock and salmon. Although traditional skinning can be carried out on the Baader 54, the machine produces the best returns when its deep skinning facility is employed.

The deep skinning option skins the fillets in the traditional way, but also fully removes the fatty layer between outer skin and the muscle. This fatty layer can then be used to produce valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. The market for Omega-3 products has been seen huge growth in recent years, and the ability to harvest this valuable commodity can greatly increase profits.

The Baader 54, in addition to producing skinned fillets of the highest quality, enables the operator to develop a completely new product, without any adverse effects to the filets. It really is the future of skinning machines.

Baader 54 - Customer Benefits

  • More Yield High quality of the fillet
  • Fillet output straight and singular
  • Also possible to skin the belly and processed on the BAADER 988
  • Individual product flow of skin and fat layer for gaining Omega 3 fatty acid
  • Fast change over from deep skinning to shallow skinning
  • User friendly and easy to maintain

Baader 54 - Technical Data

  • Working range ref. width:
  • Nominal speed:
  • approx. 150 - 220mm
  • 30 fillets/ min
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