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Baader 434

Whitefish Heading Machine
Baader 434 Whitefish Heading Machine

Baader 434

Baader 434 Description

The Baader 434 is unique heading machine for white fish, Cod and Saithe in particular. Baader recognised that manually cut Cod and Saithe were not returning the highest yield possible. This machine was designed with the anatomy of cod and saithe in mind, and it can deliver a yield that will not be surpassed by its competitors.

The strength of this machine lays in a co-ordinated measuring and cutting system that is independent of the operator. While the operator is responsible for the initial set up, the machine takes responsibility for measuring and custom cutting each fish. The cuts are performed through a U-cut, leaving the neck flesh on the trunk, increasing yield to the maximum. Through this automated system, the fish is processed with minimal human input and maximum material output.

The Baader 434 is a machine operator's dream in the sense that its automation frees up man-hours for other tasks. Also there is an optional attachment for tail cutting, further reducing the need for human input. As regards maintenance, the Baader 434 is equipped with several access points for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Baader 434 - Customer Benefits

  • Improves production stability
  • Performs a perfect U-cut
  • Maximum yield
  • Result is independent from operator skills
  • Automatic adjustment to fish size
  • Careful handling of the fish body

Baader 434 - Technical Data

  • Working range:
  • Throughput rate:
  • 40-85 cm
  • up to 42 fish/min (depending on fish size)
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