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Baader 429

Fish Heading Machine for Whitefish and Redfish
Baader 429 Fish Heading Machine for Whitefish and Redfish

Baader 429

Baader 429 Description

The Baader 429 is a compact and reliable heading machine suitable for fish with a back width of up to 150mm. This machine can process up to 50 redfish or whitefish per minute, whilst only requiring one operator. It can also be set up to employ vacuum extraction of roe and guts.

The head cuts on the Baader 429 can be set to straight or oblique cuts, in order to get the best return for varying species of fish. The fish remain completely undamaged during the process due to the Baader 429's dorsal fin fixing device. This device holds the fish in place while a precise head cut is carried out, ensuring damaging pressure will never be applied to the fillets.

The optional gutting component, when enabled, uses an impeller powered vacuum to extract guts, roe and milt. This vacuum system draws all undesirable material away from the flesh in one sudden movement. The waste is then dropped into a collection bin and the remaining fish is left completely unharmed.

This machine is as fast and reliable as all of Baader's processing machines. It also has the advantage of being small and compact, meaning that it can fit into tight working spaces.

Baader 429 - Customer Benefits

  • Straight or various angled head cut
  • Vacuum removal of the guts is available

Baader 429 - Technical Data

  • Working range:
  • Throughput rate:
  • Operator:
  • from 30-110cm in total length (thickness max. 150mm)
  • up to 50 fish/m (contingent upon the size)
  • 1 person
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