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Baader 408

Compact Heading Machine for Smaller Whitefish
Baader 408 Compact Heading Machine for Smaller Whitefish

Baader 408

Baader 408 Description

The Baader 408 is a compact heading machine, designed for smaller white fish. It can process gutted or ungutted fish. It has an optional gutting feature that uses a vacuum device for best possible organ removal. There is also an option for tail cuts on some species.

The fish can be loaded in to the hopper in boxes or containers, with or without ice. From the hopper, the fish are transported to the measuring area. They are individually measured to determine where heading will yield the most return. The head cut is performed by means of a 'curved' straight head-cut, this ensures that less skalp fragments and collar bone remains within the fish trunk and that less trimming is required.

One of the best features of the Baader 408 is the gentle way it handles the product. For example, all pressure applied to the fish in transport is applied to the head, so to leave the body of the fish unblemished. Another feature, when enabled will segregate fish by size. The machine can be set to remove all units under/over a certain size, giving the operator maximum input over the finished product and eliminating the need to manually sort vast quantities of fish.

Baader 408 - Customer Benefits

  • Exact and yield saving 'curved' heat cut increased productivity
  • Infeed is by and large operator independent
  • Less trimming is necessary
  • extended feeding section for increased speed
  • optional: tail cutting device for Hoki processing (extended feeding section occupied)
  • optional: Vacuum device for gutting process

Baader 408 - Technical Data

  • Working range:
  • round fish:
  • Cod:
  • Haddock:
  • Merluza Gayi:
  • Merluza de Cola:
  • Besugo:
  • Tilapia :
  • Throughput rate:
  • extended version:
  • 30 - 55 cm
  • 35 - 45 cm
  • 35 - 45 cm
  • 30 - 60 cm
  • 40 - 85 cm
  • 0 - 45 cm
  • 26 - 45 cm
  • 40-60 fish/min
  • up to 80 fish/min (supporting at least 2 filleting machines)
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