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Baader 182

Heading, Gutting and Fish Filleting Machine
Baader 182 Heading, Gutting and Fish Filleting Machine

Baader 182

Baader 182 Description

The Baader 182 is a processing machine for white fish that can head, gut and fillet up to 120 fish per minute. Like the Baader 212 and 192, this machine is guided by a central computer that electromechanically measures and cuts each individual fish. This level of customisation allows the Baader 182 to operate to the same quality standard as the larger machines. Its compact nature then allows it to be the fastest multi-purpose fish processing machine in its field.

With the aid of the computer sensors the precise point is measured that will remove the fish's head with the least amount of loss to the remainder of the product. The head is removed through a V-Cut, however, the operator can change to a straight cut if desired. The operator can tune the machine to different fish types by at the flick of a switch, and can also tweak the measurement and cutting techniques from the central control panel.

This machine is not only as compact, robust and hardworking, it is also the fastest and most efficient machine of its kind.

Baader 182 - Customer Benefits

  • Electronic measuring and control system for exact cuts and high yield for all fish sizes
  • BAADER 182 performs a V-head cut
  • Straight head cut is also possible
  • Adjustable to different types of fish by simple switches
  • J-Cut for belly flaps is possible with separate take-away
  • BAADER 182 can be combined with the BAADER 52 Skinning Machine
  • BAADER 182 Filleting section can be combined with BAADER 212 Heading section

Baader 182 - Technical Data

  • Working range
  • Cod
  • Whiting
  • Throughput rate
  • Operator
  • 27 - 52 cm (depending on species)
  • 27 - 40 cm 300 - 600 g
  • 30 - 45 cm 300 - 800 g
  • up to 120 fish/min
  • 2 persons
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