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Baader 148

Heading and Gutting Catfish Machine
Baader 148 Heading and Gutting Catfish Machine

Baader 148

Baader 148 Description

The Baader 148 has been designed to combat the challenges in heading and gutting catfish. Previously, the processing of catfish was frustrated by parts of the fish's anatomy, most noticeably the dorsal fin. The Baader 148 tackles these challenges and ensures that catfish and pangasius can be processed with the same degree of ease as whitefish. It can used as a standalone heading and gutting machine, or as a component party of Baader's specially designed catfish processing line.

For heading, the Baader 148 utilises precision measuring and cutting mechanisms to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and care. The yield from each unit is greatly improved by the machines pelvic fin removal. This previously troublesome area is removed by one gentle step, and the fillet is left completely unharmed.

Gutting is accomplished to the highest standard possible in the Baader 148. After gutting, the discharge is fed downward, away from the gutted product to ensure that contamination is not possible. The operator has the option of attaching a high pressure cleaning unit to the gutting section of the Baader 148. This cleaning section rinses the abdominal cavity of the fish and cleanses areas of high bacteria content.

This machine will head, gut and separate waste from catfish and pangasius at a rate up 42 fish per minute. With the speed and reliability of the Baader 148, the operator will achieve a level of quality and consistency that can only be achieved by Baader machines.

Baader 148 - Customer Benefits

  • Precise head cut and belly splits on a consistent basis
  • Higher h&g yields increase fillet yield potential
  • Improves filleting machine performance
  • Reduces filleting machine-related miscuts
  • Vacuum system removes a high percentage of internal organs
  • Low operating and upkeeps costs

Baader 148 - Technical Data

  • Working range:
  • Throughput rate:
  • 35 - 70 cm (in total length)
  • up to 42 fish/min
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